Step 25: let the hubs re-evaluate the budget

Today, you are most likely recovering from your spending hangover and realizing that something drastic needs to change in order for you to maintain a decent life while still attacking your debt. If you are single, this may be the time to call in re-enforcements. The fresh eyes of a  trusted parent, close friend or lover might revive your budget and encourage your spirit. For the married folks, this is the perfect time to allow the more logic-oriented partner to insert their expertise.

In my case, today was the day that the Hubs wrangled our plan back from the heights of fantasy and grounded it in the stable soils of reality. In other words, living on $200 a week may kill our debt quickly, but jumping in cold turkey only set us up for failure. After much soothing and patient reasoning, I reconciled myself to the fact that having a larger spending budget (we are upping the ante to $250 a week) will actually help us maintain our goal. Though our loan payments may not be as large as I fantasized, we will at least be able to function like normal human beings.

Moral: to avoid spending hangovers, defer to logic and make a modest budget that allows for an enjoyable life.