Step 26: commit to saving

Many a blog and website committed to rapid debt pay off will say that, besides an emergency fund, all extra moola must be placed on your loans. The Hubs and I disagree. Once we pay off our loans, we don’t want to spend an additional year or two saving up for big life purchases (ahem, houses and babies and trips around the world).

Therefore, we made the radical and uncommon decision to keep two savings accounts while also aggressively hitting our loans. One account is temporary savings – $200 a month meant for those rainy days when your car needs work or you gain 20 pounds and need fat pants. The other is long-term savings. We already had a little nest egg when we decided to tackle the debt. Instead of emptying it into a loan, we kept it safe and are adding $100 a month to it.

Here’s to rainy days and fat pants!


Step 15: shop at Aldi

If you don’t know where your local Aldi is, find it.

If you need a little Aldi 101, visit:

If you’re brave enough to just take my word for it, then grab your quarter for the cart, use those old plastic bags you never recycle, and go get your savings on.