Step 20: attend your post wedding reception

If you had a small wedding (like the hubs and I), then you more than likely were unable to invite your second cousin twice removed on your paternal uncle’s side (like the hubs and I) which greatly distressed your mothers (oh the humanity).

If you have a compromising mother-in-law (like I do), then she will agree to allow all second cousins and great so-and-soes to attend a post wedding reception (huzzah).

Though you may feel like you’ve been married 4o years instead of only 4 weeks, you must attend your post wedding reception. Not only will you enjoy meeting the family elders, you will also receive more wedding gifts.

I must state that I firmly believe weddings are about family, friends, and love – not gifts.

That said, once married you will realize that there actually is a reason people shower you with gift cards and kitchenware:

You desperately need them.


You are too poor to buy them on your own.

Thank you great-uncle-so-and-so.