Step 21: realize you hate cheap beer

After 12 days of choking down this swill they are trying to pass as beer:


The Hubs and I realized we hate cheap beer.

If you are drinking for the taste, there is none.

If you are drinking to get drunk, you won’t.

If you are drinking for a stomach ache and a horrible aftertaste, this is the beer for you.

We happily surrender to the fact that we are beer snobs.

Our advanced apologies to the budget.


Step 9: teach yourself to like cheap beer

The hubs and I love a good beer.

The budget does not.

Therefore, we have decided we are going to learn to love cheap beer.

Trader Joe’s is supporting our decision by selling beer for $0.59 a can. That’s right folks – that’s $3.54 a 6-pack.



Cheer’s to Simpler Times!