Step 21: realize you hate cheap beer

After 12 days of choking down this swill they are trying to pass as beer:


The Hubs and I realized we hate cheap beer.

If you are drinking for the taste, there is none.

If you are drinking to get drunk, you won’t.

If you are drinking for a stomach ache and a horrible aftertaste, this is the beer for you.

We happily surrender to the fact that we are beer snobs.

Our advanced apologies to the budget.


Step 19: enjoy a date night

It’s easy to skip out on the fun stuff when you are trying to save money.

So when $15 dollars falls into your lap, you spend it on fun stuff.

Trust me, it’s for your sanity.

Here is what you do:

  1. Pick a favorite restaurant (Our’s in the Chinese place down the road)
  2. Find a coupon/gift certificate for said restaurant (Apparently you get a lot of these when you move)
  3. Don’t forget your $15 dollars (It’s the cornerstone of the whole idea)
  4. Enjoy your entirely free date night!  (During these trying times anything that does not come out of your budget is considered “free”)

It will be the best tasting meal you have ever had.

Step 11: always say yes to a free meal

Free meals come in many different shapes and sizes, including, but not limited to:

  • dinner with either set of parents
  • dinner at your grandmother’s
  • jobs that offer free lunch
  • church breakfasts
  • Wednesday night meals before Lenten services at church
  • PTA sponsored breakfast
  • PTA sponsored lunch
  • PTA sponsored anything

As you can see it can infinitely help your situation if you are a teacher, attend a church, have generous lunch-giving employers, or all of the above.