Back Story

I’m Sophie.

I am a 26-year-old teacher.

In June, I married a 26-year-old ex-teacher.

Much to everyone’s annoyance, I call him The Hubs.


We want to pay off our student and car loans so we can be debt free before we start a family.

This blog chronicles how we are doing it.

It started through a text like this:

Me: I just had massive creative inspiration. I’m going to become one of those modern, new-age, stay-at-home    women who start blogs on how thrifty and organic they are because it’s the hip thing to do. I’m going to become a cliché AND I DON’T EVEN CARE!

The Hubs: Hahaha ok!

Me: It’s going to be called “Project7Thirty: a newlywed’s guide to becoming debt free”

The Hubs: Why Project7Thirty?

Me: Because there are 365 days in 1 year. We are trying to pay off our debt in 2 years. Hence, 730 days.

Me: It’s going to be a huge success and publishers are going to want me to turn it into a book and then we’ll have enough money for a house and a baby!

The Hubs: Nice – do I still have to work?

So there you have it.

A level-headed Hubs, a delusional Cliché, and 730 days to pay off the loans.



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