Step 10: get a library card

10 days into this financial journey and I’m realizing my mother is a budgeting genius.

First with the calculator. Now with the library card.

Growing up we rarely bought books. The ones we owned were usually gifts or re-gifts given to us on birthdays and holidays. For all our reading needs we used the library. Which is fine. I mean, I love the library. Back then I loved the library so much that I dreamed of becoming a librarian when I grew up.

However, I also love buying books. As soon as I started generating my own income, I started buying books. There is nothing quite like buying your very own (new or used) book that you can do whatever the hell you want with. Also, there is nothing quite like the dream of having a Beauty and the Beast style library in your home.

Sadly, the budget does not allow frivolous book buying.

So I’ve put my Beauty and the Beast library dream on hold and re-kindled my becoming a librarian dream. (I mean, I can’t teach forever.)

Today, I will march down to the local library and get myself a library card.

My mother will be so proud.




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